Cardinal Health Briefs - Medium

Has extra heavy absorbency. Medium. Unisex. With a super absorbent core and refastenable tabs, Covidien Wings Ultra Quilted Adult Briefs are designed for men and women who experience bladder or bowel incontinence.

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Unisex Covidien Wings Ultra Quilted Adult Briefs feature a blue dryness strip that wicks fluid away to keep your skin dry and healthy. Breathable side panels with airflow technology prevent heat build-up and odor protection helps neutralize odors for maximum discretion. The robust grip side tabs allow for easy removal or refastening for a secure fit.

The soft backsheet is ultrasonically bonded to give these briefs a flexible, comfortable feel. This cloth-like material is quiet, keeping you confident and discreet. The super absorbent polymer core helps to quickly lock in fluid and prevent leaks, with elastic around the leg openings for extra leak protection. 

Covidien Wings Quilted Adult Briefs come in a variety of absorbencies. From least to greatest absorbency level, Covidian offers: Moderate, Heavy, Extra Heavy, Maximum and Night Time. 


Key Features

  • Unisex product with extra heavy absorbency
  • Suitable for bladder and bowel incontinence
  • Easy to see wetness indicator
  • Dual action core to lock in wetness and neutralize odors
  • Breathable side panels keep skin cool and dry
  • Conforms to your unique shape for a secure fit
  • Whisper quiet, cloth-like backsheet stays discreet


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