Meet Aeroflow Urology's Medical Director of Pediatric Urology

Aeroflow is excited to officially introduce our Medical Director of Pediatric Urology, Dr. Jay Levy. Dr. Levy is board-certified in Urology by the American Board of Urology and holds a Pediatric Urology subspecialty certification.

A Texas native and graduate of Texas Southwestern Medical School, he completed his urologic surgery residency at the University of Pennsylvania and his pediatric urology fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. For the past 23 years, he has worked with infants and children facing a variety of urological challenges at his practice in Charlotte, NC.

Why Dr. Levy Pursued A Career In Pediatric Urology 

Dr Jay Levy Medical Director Urology Doctor Jay Levy, Aeroflow Urology Medical Director

Dr. Levy met his first mentor, Dr. John Duckett, the preeminent pediatric urologist in the country at the time while interviewing for residency in Philadelphia. Once Dr. Levy discovered that Dr. Duckett had been friends with his father back in Texas, he took it as a positive sign and decided to do his residency with him along with Dr. Alan Wein, the chief of the department. Under the mentorship of Dr. Duckett, Levy developed a passion for tackling complex urological conditions.

Later in his career as a urologist, Dr. Levy realized how important the role of a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider can be in the lives of his patients when his cousins, the well-known Berry brothers, were in a tragic car crash in Texas. 

The tragedy claimed the lives of their parents and left them both paralyzed from the waists down. Luckily, they had the support they needed to obtain their medical equipment through reliable DME companies that enabled them to function day to day. The Berry brothers have since risen to prominence as competitive wheelchair basketball champions, and have worked with Texas lawmakers on legislation to ban handheld cell-phone use while driving.

Many patients are not as fortunate as the Berry brothers, and may not be aware of all the options available to them when it comes to crucial medical equipment and supplies. Dr. Levy prides himself on helping those patients connect with resources like Aeroflow Urology to get high-quality supplies covered through insurance.

Dr. Levy’s Typical Day As a Pediatric Urologist 

As Dr. Levy explains, “A typical day is never typical.” He usually wakes up around 5:30 AM for a cup of coffee and heads into the office for the newborn consults. Urological surgery tends to begin around 7:15 AM and is followed by a quick nutritional stop before office hours around 1 PM.

Office hours wrap up around 5:30 PM after all of the work has been completed, allowing Dr.Levy to head home and exercise. He prefers running outside if the weather is nice, but his day isn’t over yet. After dinner, he remains on call and continues running the practice. He tells us that each day brings new challenges and rewards. Changing the lives of little ones is a constant motivator for him.

Conditions Treated By Dr.Levy 

Pediatric urology medical director Generally, Dr. Levy treats congenital urological conditions in children in stages of newborn infancy through adolescence. Dr. Levy and his team perform newborn circumcisions, hernia and hydrocele repairs, undescended testicles, and penile reconstructive surgery. They also perform surgery to correct birth defects of the bladder, ureter, and kidneys. A large portion of their work with incontinence involves neurogenic issues such as spina bifida or is due to voiding issues with toilet training.

Dr. Levy exclaimed that his favorite thing about working with patients is hard to pinpoint because there are too many specific things to count. However, he enjoys tackling complex urological problems, dissecting the decision-making process involved, and performing surgeries to correct the problems.

The field has changed significantly over Dr. Levy’s career. Surgeries that were once inpatient procedures have become outpatient procedures. Complex cases can now be treated with less invasive robotic surgery and continuous strides are being made to improve reconstructive techniques.

Advice For Parents About Potty Training 

Dr. Levy has explained that toilet training is an individual process. All children develop neurologically and physically at different times. Even siblings can achieve continence at different rates. What he hopes to help parents realize is that toilet training is often self-motivated. Pushing it on children has the potential to make the process more difficult.

Dr. Levy as an Aeroflow Team Member

Dr. Levy prides himself on helping those patients connect with reliable DME companies to get high-quality supplies covered through insurance. Through his work creating educational resources and innovating treatments in his field, he provides a variety of options to patients in need to provide comfort and functionality, allowing them to take control of their conditions.

We are excited to have Dr. Levy onboard, leveraging his extensive expertise to provide the best possible educational resources and content on urological health for our valued patients.