Bard WideBand Self-Adhering Male External Catheter

This silicone male external catheter is 36mm and designed to stay in place, with 70% more adhesive area in the sheath wall than traditional self-adhering external catheters.

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External male catheters are condom-like healthcare devices used to treat urinary incontinence. They are designed to be placed over the penis and connected to a collection bag such as a leg bag or bedside drainage bag. The Bard WideBand Self-Adhering Male External Catheter sets the standard for condom catheters, providing the reliability needed for all-day leakage protection. The self-adhesive design ensures quick, simple fitting, reducing the chance for accidental detachment. The hypoallergenic, non-sensitizing adhesive forms a secure bond with skin over an expanded area. 

The unique forward placement of the adhesive means that urine won't build up around the head of the penis, which can lead to skin irritation and unexpected catheter changes. The kink-resistant design prevents backflow. The Bard WideBand Self-Adhering Male External Catheter is transparent so you can visually monitor skin health.

Key Features

  • 100% latex-free
  • Made of transparent, odor-free silicone
  • 70% more adhesive area than traditional self-adhesive external condom catheters
  • Patented forward placement of adhesive to prevent urine build up and migration
  • Kink-resistant design ensures consistent urine flow
  • Catheter size: 36mm

More Information

More Information
Insurance Product TypeNot Insurance
Prescription RequiredYes
FSA/HSA Eligible No
SizeSmall Cushion/Medium Frame


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