Attends Advanced Underwear - Heavy Absorbency - Extra Large

Has heavy absorbency. Extra large. Unisex. These pull-on protective underwear are worn under clothing like regular underwear and provide an alternative to briefs for active and mobile individuals.

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This premium product is designed with a soft, breathable waistband, allowing the air to pass through and keep the skin dry and cool. ConfidenceCuff Protection helps prevent leaks around the legs, and the Super Absorbent Core helps pull wetness away from the skin to keep you dry. Attends Advanced Underwear is recommended for moderate to heavy incontinence. Tear-away side panels make removal fast and easy.

Key Features 

  • Soft, breathable waistband to help air circulate throughout the product
  • ConfidenceCuff Protection keeps liquid from leaking out the legs
  • Super Absorbent Core is ideal for moderate to heavy bladder incontinence 
  • Premium Softness won't rub on skin 
  • Odor Shield materials trap odors to keep you feeling fresh


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