Wish You Knew Wednesday

Wish You Knew Wednesday is a collection of stories from parents of children with Down syndrome sharing what they wish you knew about loving somebody with Down syndrome. The entire month of October, Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we get to share a new story - every Wednesday. From stories of sharing the joy of a Down syndrome diagnosis to stories of how incredible the slow pace of hitting milestones is, we explore all angles of life with Down syndrome. Follow Aeroflow Urology on Instagram and Facebook to see new stories each Wednesday!

I Wish You Knew...

Madison & Libby

"Liberty is living proof that if given the opportunity, our children will rise to the occasion and surpass the world’s expectations of them."

Melanie & Hudson

"I do know that the blessings that come from having a child with Down syndrome are innumerable."

Jessica & Gwendolyn

"What we wish for you to know is that as parents to our daughter Gwendolyn, we believe the greatest lesson about the value of Down syndrome comes from those who have had to say goodbye too soon."

Resources on Down Syndrome & Incontinence

The Complete Guide to Incontinence Products

Choosing the right bladder control product can be a daunting task. Between the different product types, absorbency levels, sizes, and brands, we understand that it can easily become overwhelming. 

The Likelihood of Incontinence in Individuals with Down Syndrome

If your loved one with Down syndrome is showing signs of incontinence, make sure to speak with a healthcare provider to create a treatment plan and rule out other possible causes. In some cases, incontinence symptoms can be alleviated with pelvic floor muscle exercises, medications, surgery, or even something as simple as proactively preventing constipation.

5 Things You Might Not Know About Down Syndrome

Did you know these 5 interesting facts about Down syndrome? Learn what we think everyone should know during October!

Down Syndrome, Delayed Potty Training, & Incontinence

While children with Down syndrome all have unique capabilities, some may not be ready to potty train when other children are, and some may develop incontinence as a result. Read more about the signs.

How to Receive Bladder Control Products Through Aeroflow Urology

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