This April, Aeroflow Urology wants to share stories of kindness and help spread the word that those with disabilities may be able to receive bladder control supplies for free!

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If your loved one has a disability and incontinence, they may be able to receive free bladder control products through their Medicaid plan. To find out if they qualify, simply fill out our quick and easy 2-step form

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"A few years back our family vacationed at Virginia Beach. Our son, who is less able with special needs, who hates loud crowds, was approached by a horse. Yes, a horse!

It was a policeman's horse. The horse put his face directly in front of my son's face. It scared me because I didnt know what the horse was doing. But somehow, the horse comforted my son in this crowd of people.

This trained horse that usually has no interactions with people knew something about my son that we as humans do not know.

This was a kind act by animal, but all the same."





"I received an act of kindness when my grandmother became my mother by adopting me.

The adoption was finalized on my second birthday.

I will be 7 in June."




"My son is 4 and has autism. He is also non-verbal. He has a smile that can make anyone’s day.

He was having a tough week with new changes and routines, his teachers surprised him with balloon day! They gave him so many balloons and they all played together.

The smile on his face made everyone’s day! He even got to take home a balloon and he was so happy and the look on his face was the determination he can handle any challenge thrown at him!"




Educational Articles

Cerebral Palsy & Incontinence In Adults & Children

Incontinence commonly occurs in adults and children with Cerebral palsy (CP). This can lead to issues like delayed toilet training and bladder and bowel leakage. In this article, we’ll help you understand the connection between CP and incontinence and offer tips on how to manage bladder and bowel issues.

Will My Loved One With Down Syndrome Experience Incontinence?

Children and adults with Down syndrome may develop urinary incontinence and / or fecal incontinence but early evaluation, intervention, and treatment can help reduce the impact on quality of life.

Autism & Potty Training Needs

From overstimulation to sensory delays and language barriers, there are many reasons why your child may have difficulty using the toilet. This article offers a 5-minute guide to toilet training issues in children with autism so you can quickly understand the challenges you may face.

Helpful Organizations

National Diaper Bank Network

We’ve partnered with the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) to assist diaper banks across the nation by helping provide continence care supplies to their clients covered by Medicaid.

Parenting Special Needs

Check out Parenting Special Needs, an interactive multi-media magazine empowering parents and families raising children with special needs.

Their Greater Voice of Cincinnati

Their Greater Voice of Cincinnati aspires to provide education, support service, and resources for families affected by cerebral palsy and other intellectual and physical disabilities.

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