Pediatric Incontinence

For children who experience urinary incontinence, or lack of bladder control, we offer the highest quality products to help manage bladder leakage. From diapers to pull-ups, we have a variety of products that you may be eligible to receive through insurance.

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  1. Attends Comfees® Boy Training Pants Size 4T to 5T

    Attends Comfees Boys Training Pants 4t-5t

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    Attends Comfees DriNite Youth Pants

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    Attends Youth/Extra Small Briefs - Heavy Absorbency


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Diapers may be the most familiar term when it comes to incontinence products. Diapers have tab closures that allow for changing without the need to completely undress. For children with special needs or limited mobility, the resealable side tabs make removal easier and more hygienic than pull-ups.


Pull-Ups, also called youth pants, are disposable protective underwear for older children. They are very absorbent and provide protection against bladder leaks. Pull-ups work very well for mobile children who prefer a product that closely resembles regular underwear. For younger children, pull-ups are typically used as training pants for potty training. However, they also work well for children experiencing incontinence due to medical conditions or disabilities. These products don’t have fasteners or tabs. Instead, pull-ups simply pull up over the legs like typical underwear. 

Overnight Absorbent Underwear

There are several brands that offer pull-on protective underwear designed specifically for nighttime, providing the absorbency needed for bedwetting. They are designed to be soft and comfortable, with a stretchable waist and side leak barriers for all-night wetness protection. SleepOvers and Comfees DriNite Youth Pants are two popular options for issues with bedwetting.