Adult Incontinence Products

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  1. Prevail® Pant Liner Overnight Super

    Prevail Daily Pant Liners - Maximum Absorbency

  2. Cardinal Health Premium Disposable Underpad, Maximum Absorbency

    Cardinal Health Premium Underpads

  3. Prevail Male Guards, Light Absorbency

    Prevail Daily Male Guards - Maximum Absorbency

  4. Large

    Covidien Sure Care Super Protective Underwear - Maximum Absorbency

    As low as $10.77
  5. Prevail Air Overnight Briefs - Maximum Absorbency

    Prevail Air Overnight Briefs - Maximum Absorbency

  6. Prevail Daily Pant Liners - Moderate Absorbency - Small

    Prevail Daily Pant Liners - Moderate Absorbency - Small

  7. Depend For Men Guards - Maximum Absorbency

    Depend For Men Guards - Maximum Absorbency

  8. Prevail Belted Shield

    Prevail Belted Shields - Extra Absorbency

  9. Attends Stretch Briefs Super Absorbency

    Attends Stretch Briefs - Super Absorbency

    As low as $17.49
  10. Prevail Underwear for Women

    Prevail Daily Underwear for Women - Maximum Absorbency

    As low as $10.99
  11. Covidien Wings Underpad, 36"x36"

    Covidien Wings Underpad - Heavy Absorbency

  12. Covidien Wings Super Quilted Adult Brief

    Covidien Wings Super Quilted Adult Briefs - Maximum Absorbency - Large

  13. TENA ProSkin Briefs - Super Absorbency - XL

    TENA ProSkin Briefs - Super Absorbency - XL

  14. Prevail Breezers 360 Diapers with Tabs, Size 3

    Prevail Air Plus Daily Briefs - Ultimate Plus Absorbency - Size 3


14 Items

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Adult Diapers / Briefs

Adult diapers, also called adult briefs, work well for those with mobility issues who require the help of a caregiver, as they are designed with tab closures for easy application and removal. Disposable briefs are optimal for individuals that experience heavy urinary incontinence or bowel incontinence. Adult briefs come in a variety of brands and absorbencies and are great for overnight protection and heavy bladder or bowel leakage. These incontinence briefs trap liquid quickly, providing long-lasting dryness and odor control.

Protective Underwear / Pull-Ons

Protective underwear, commonly referred to as pull-ups, are incontinence products with cloth-like fabric that resembles typical underwear. Pull-ons are best suited for independent, mobile adults with moderate bladder leakage.

Protective pull-on underwear is available in unisex and male and female styles, with the gender-specific underwear available with absorbency in different areas based on the male or female anatomy. Pull-ons are designed to be discreet-looking and feel like regular underwear.

Incontinence Pads / Bladder Control Pads

Incontinence pads, sometimes referred to as poise pads or bladder control pads, are an option for those who want a product that can be secured to undergarments like a menstrual pad, but can hold more fluid. These absorbent pads are ideal for women experiencing light bladder leakage due to activities such as laughing, sneezing, coughing, or exercising. Bladder control pads, along with male guards, are the most discreet option when it comes to incontinence supplies.

Male Guards

Male Guards are designed specifically for the male anatomy, with a higher ridge in front to trap leakage as soon as it happens. They are best for light leakage that occurs when lifting heavy objects, coughing, sneezing, or performing other strenuous movements. The underside of the male guard securely attaches to the inside of the underwear, creating a snug seal, absorbing leaks quickly and efficiently.

Underpads / Bed Pads / Chux

Underpads, bed pads, and Chux are three common names for an absorbent incontinence products designed to help protect bedding and furniture from leaks. They are soft, thin, and lightweight, and yet many are strong enough to help reposition patients up to 300lbs. Disposable underpads are a great way to get additional absorbency for a dry and comfortable night's sleep.

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Helpful Resources:

Product Guide FAQs

How Do I Find My Incontinence Product Size?

To find your size of incontinence product, you'll need a cloth tape measurer. Measure your hips and waist and write the size down. The tape measurer should not be too tight on your skin. After you've written down your measurements, use the product sizing guides on our website to determine which size you should choose. It is important to not use your pants or underwear size because it won't be the same as the product sizes. 

Which Incontinence Product Is Right for Me?

The right incontinence product will be suited to your level of leakage. 

Light incontinence: Dribbling and an occasional release of urine.
Moderate incontinence: Large releases of urine but not a full bladder.
Heavy incontinence: Full release of the bladder during the day.
Overnight incontinence: Full release of urine while sleeping.
Fecal incontinence: Loss of bowel control.

What Sizes Do Adult Diapers and Pads Come In?

Our adult briefs: Small - 3XL.

Our bladder control pads: Regular - Long, Minimal to Overnight. 

Our adult protective underwear: Small - 2XL.

What Level of Absorbency Do I Need?

You should choose your level of absorbency based on your level of leakage. 

Minimal leakage: Bladder control pad. 

Moderate leakage: Protective underwear.

Heavier leakage: Adult brief. 

What Are Incontinence Products Used For?

Incontinence products are used to help control bladder and bowel leaks. They keep your skin dry and comfortable while wicking away wetness. 

How Often Should I Change My Adult Briefs or Pads?

You should change your incontinence products between 4 to 6 times a day, but this will be different for each individual. You should also never leave your incontinence product on when it is wet to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs). 

How Do I Dispose of My Incontinence Products?

When your incontinence product has been soiled, remove it from your body and place it in a receptacle.