“First Quality is more than just Products, Companies and Machinery; it is a team of devoted talented employees that epitomize the First Quality name.”

First Quality Incontinence Products

Since 1988, First Quality has supplied incontinence products to a large distribution base. Subsequently, the company has expanded their market to include hygienic supplies, tissues and a variety of nonwovens to meet the needs of a growing industry.

The brand is committed to a superior quality product. The most advanced technologies are adapted and implemented every step of the way, from manufacturing to distribution. The family of companies distributes a wide range of products including adult incontinence supplies, infant care supplies, feminine care, consumer paper products, bottled water and engineered non-woven roll goods.

First Quality is highly committed to sustainability and their business is driven by the goal of reducing waste. Less than 1% of their waste ends up in landfills, and over 90% of their raw materials are used or recycled. All First Quality products are 100% latex free.

The brand manufactures adult incontinence diapers and wipes, as well as baby diapers and wipes under the Cuties label. All diapers are designed to prevent leaks and provide excellent protection for a comfortable, trustworthy product.

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