The Difference Between Briefs & Diapers

When incontinence affects you or a loved one, the task of choosing the right product can be overwhelming. Briefs and diapers provide security and stability to a person who suffers from incontinence. If you or loved one needs extra protection, briefs and diapers have you covered. However, knowing the difference between briefs and diapers inform and help you make the right choice.

Some people who are incontinent do not require diapers and are able to use briefs. While other people who are bedridden require diapers. Each of these incontinence product provides protection. However, each is totally different from the other.


Briefs or protective underwear is most commonly worn by people with light bladder control issues. According to National Incontinence, “Protective briefs are more like disposable pull-ups and reusable underwear”.

  • Briefs offer varying degrees of absorbency: Absorbency is important to a person who suffer from any form of incontinence. When shopping for briefs, the degree of absorbency depends of the degree of incontinence. From light absorbency to heavy-duty, briefs provide reassurance and the confidence you won’t leak.
  • Briefs offer moisture wicking capability: To keep delicate skin from breaking down due to incontinence issues, briefs with moisture wicking capabilities are preferred. Wicking keeps sweat and urine from collecting in delicate areas such as the folds of the skin.
  • Briefs offer odor control: Odor control problems occur when someone suffers from incontinence. Even light bladder leakage can produce strong odors. Having an incontinence product with odor control prevents embarrassment.
  • Briefs offer tear-away sides for easy removal: Some briefs provide easy access with tear-away side tabs which make it easier for an older person or caregiver to change. The tear away tabs are especially important if a person has other medical or physical disabilities.
  • Briefs offer high degree of leak protection: Nobody with incontinence issues wants to worry about leakage. Briefs provide a level of leak protection that is worry free. You or your love one no longer have to worry about soiling clothes or “little” accidents.
  • Briefs look and feel like real underwear: Women and men who suffer from incontinence want to feel like they have not lost their dignity. With briefs that look and feel like real underwear, self-consciousness no longer is a problem.

Briefs are the perfect solution for all of your light bladder needs providing peace of mind and the knowledge you or your loved one is protected no matter what.


Diapers also known as adult diapers normally are worn by people who are bed-ridden or suffer from heavy incontinence. According to National Incontinence, “Diapers are suitable for those who are limited in mobility or in the hands of a caretaker”.

  • Diapers offer security: If you or a loved one suffers from heavy incontinence, nighttime wetting, or need help getting to the bathroom, diapers provide a sense of security. Knowing you or a loved one is protected lets you rest easy.
  • Diapers offer overnight protection: Heavy incontinence means heavy leaks. With diapers you no longer have to worry about leakage during the night. You or your loved one can sleep safe and sound.

Diapers are the perfect solution for all of your heavy incontinence needs providing security and overnight protection so you or your loved one can sleep soundly.

No matter which incontinence product you choose, each has its own unique differences to provide you or your loved one with protection and security. Briefs are the perfect solution for light bladder leakage and someone who is active, while diapers provide coverage for heavy incontinence issues and sedentary.

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