We offer a large variety of catheter types and supplies from top manufacturers. From external male catheters to intermittent and indwelling urinary catheters, you’ll find the best urological products to fit your needs and insurance requirements. 

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  1. Medline Two Way Foley Catheter 16FR, 5CC

    Medline Two Way Silicone Foley Catheter

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Indwelling Catheters

Also known as Foley catheters, indwelling catheters are inserted into the bladder through the urethra, allowing urine to empty into a drainage bag. They are typically changed at a healthcare facility. Common reasons individuals need indwelling catheters include, urinary retention, physical or mental disabilities, injuries, urinary incontinence, and surgeries.

Intermittent Catheters 

Disposable catheters are designed to allow for self-catheterization. They are a compact and discreet way to empty the bladder for individuals that experience bladder retention. Intermittent catheters consist of thin, flexible tubes that can be inserted into the urethra to empty the bladder directly into a toilet or receptacle.

External Catheters 

External catheters are often referred to as male catheters or condom catheters. This type of catheter is used to help manage urinary incontinence. They are often made of silicone or latex and are rolled over the penis. The external catheter is then attached to a tube that drains urine into an external urinary bag.

High Quality Brands

Aeroflow Urology works with top urological manufacturers to ensure industry-leading solutions and the best brands available, including Bard, Cure, Coloplast, and more.

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