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Catheter Brands

Aeroflow offers urinary catheters and urinary catheter supplies specific to your needs from industry leaders like Bard, Cure, Coloplast, Hollister, and MTG. The catheters we supply are designed with patient comfort and ease of use in mind. Whether you need a short or long term solution, Aeroflow provides top quality catheters that ship right to your door with our easy ordering service and attentive team of experts who can answer any questions that you might have.

Bard Catheters

Bard Catheters feature some of the most innovative designs available. Bard produces multiple intermittent (single-use) catheters, indwelling Foley catheters, and specialty kits and accessories, helping you to find the right catheter for your lifestyle. Bard provides you with a wide variety of quality urinary catheters to choose from based on your condition and preference.

Among Bard’s selection of intermittent catheters, is the Bard Touchless Plus Intermittent Catheter System. This is a closed-system kit specially designed for sterile intermittent catheterization and offers a pre-lubricated catheter which features a patented finger guide. This unique closed-system helps reduce the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) among patients.

Along with their standard indwelling Foley catheters and catheter kits, Bard also offers a wide selection of specialty indwelling Foley catheters. These specialty catheters are clinically proven to reduce catheter-associated UTIs due to Bard’s technologically-advanced formula of Bacti-Guard coating and Bard hydrogel. These technologies work together to dramatically reduce bacterial adherence and biofilm formation on the catheter, resulting in reduced risk for UTIs.


Coloplast catheters feature designs that meet your specific needs, including catheters designed to meet the needs of female patients. With discretion and ease-of-use as the primary focus, Coloplast catheter options include a compact, all-in-one catheter and bag solution that is ready-to-use.

Coloplast develops products and services to make life easier for people with deeply personal and private medical conditions. These conditions are often associated with trauma and taboo. The more intimate the condition, the greater the requirement to come closer to customers, understand their world, and develop solutions that are sensitive to their special needs.

Coloplast urinary catheters and incontinence product lines are developed with intimate healthcare as the top focus. By listening to their customers and developing new solutions, Coloplast has developed a series of varied products to fit your lifestyle. Coloplast provides high-quality intermittent catheters, indwelling foley catheters, and external catheters uniquely designed to fit men and women, as well as drainage bags and catheter accessories.

Coloplast understands the importance of discretion, especially among female catheter users. This is why the smallest female Coloplast catheters are the size of a mascara or lipstick tube. These catheters are easily portable and convenient to store, carry, and dispose of.

Coloplast also offers compact, all-in-one catheter and bag solutions for patients who want a catheter that is instantly ready to use. The innovative and award-winning design of these Coloplast catheters also allows for the catheter to be easily kept in your pocket.

Cure Medical

Cure Medical produces closed system catheters in straight or coude tips for males and females. Cure catheters do not contain DEHP (a known carcinogen), rubber latex (a common allergen) or BPA. They are easy to use and come in a variety of familiar styles and tip options. Using Cure brand catheters also supports spinal cord and central nervous system research because Cure Medical donates 10% of net income to scientific research.

Cure closed system products are pre-lubricated and provide a safe catheterization process that reduces the risk of urinary tract infections. Cure’s sterile, single-use catheters feature fire polished eyelets on a straight or coude tip in male, female or pediatric lengths. Experience the benefits of safe and comfortable treatment with Cure catheters: there is nothing new to learn, simply a better product with the same system that you are used to. When you use Cure catheters, you are protecting your health and supporting research that can ultimately lead to a cure.

Hollister Catheters

Hollister Catheters are designed to make life easier for you and include closed-system intermittent catheters, intermittent catheter kits, and external catheters. Hollister Catheters are easy-to-use and can help provide the right balance of functionality and protection.

Many Hollister catheters are made to fit your individual needs, with some catheters being specifically tailored for those who suffer from spinal cord injury, Spina Bifida, and Multiple Sclerosis. Hollister catheters are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and styles to fit the needs of male, female, and pediatric patients. Hollister Catheters are designed to be easy-to-use and can help provide the right balance of ease-of-use and protection.

MTG Catheters

MTG designed their catheters to be easy-to-use by men, women, and children. MTG has developed patented self-catheterization systems that allow patients who suffer from hand and finger dexterity impairment to independently catheterize. Medical Technologies of Georgia (MTG) has made it their goal to make bladder self-catheterization possible for anyone, regardless of gender, disease, or disability, and is wholly devoted to improving the quality of life for anyone using intermittent catheterization.

MTG’s patented MTG EZ-Advancer® valve holds the tube in place during insertion, preventing slippage back into the bag. For those with minimal finger dexterity, MTG offers you their patented MTG EZ-Gripper®, created for tetraplegic (aka quadriplegic) users.

All MTG catheters are 100% latex-free, pre-lubricated, closed catheterization systems. Their soft, silicone introducer tip helps prevent the introduction of bacteria and pathogens that may cause contamination and urinary tract infections (UTIs). With proper use, this closed system is intended to protect and collect: protecting the sterility of the catheter during the entire procedure and collect the urine upon voiding.

MTG offers catheters in complete kits that include latex-free gloves, lubricant, non-staining BZK antiseptic, gauze and an underpad. If you don’t require a full kit, you can also order any of the MTG catheters alone. Straight or coude tip, French sizes 8-16, firm or soft vinyl, and various lengths are available.


You may be eligible to receive your catheter supplies at little-to-no cost to you through insurance. Medicare and Medicaid may pay for an allowable amount of your catheter supplies each month. North Carolina Medicaid patients are eligible to receive up to 200 intermittent catheters each month, with Medicare and most private insurances following suit.

To find out if you qualify for straight catheters through your insurance, simply complete our Qualify Through Insurance form and one of our friendly Patient Care Representatives will verify your insurance and contact you to discuss your coverage and catheter options.

If you or someone you know needs intermittent catheter supplies, Aeroflow Healthcare is happy to help you get exactly what you need. Give us a call today at 844-276-5588.

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