How To Prevent Epilepsy And Incontinence From Teaming Up

With epilepsy, there is a broad range of issues to worry about, such as biting the tongue, collapsing, and more. However, pants wetting should also be on the list as epilepsy and incontinence are often related, and both conditions could be a warning sign of one another. If you or your child experiences incontinence or seizures it’s [...]

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The Best Catheter Types, Insertion Tips, Care, And More

If you’ve ever wondered, what is a catheter? Then you’re in the right place because we’re going to solve the mystery. Prepare to have all of your catheter questions answered from types, sizes, insertion tips, how to qualify through insurance, options for women, and much more! It’s time to go with the flow. Catheters: Going With [...]

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Why Urinary Incontinence in Women Is On The Rise

Even though urinary incontinence is extremely prevalent and currently affects over 13 million Americans, it’s actually incredibly more common in aging women. Urinary incontinence in women occurs at a rate of 2 to1 compared to men due to childbirth, menopause, and the structure of female anatomy. Learn about incontinence causes, prevention, and treatment options. Types Of [...]

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Incredible Summer Incontinence Tips For Accident Free Fun

Schools out for the summer! But wait, you just conquered managing pediatric incontinence at school, now there’s a whole new set of unique challenges with summer travel and fun in the sun at the beach or pool! However, there are a variety of summer incontinence tips and tricks to keep your child happy and comfortable. Summer [...]

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