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How To Care For Sickle Cell Disease And Incontinence

Caring for someone with sickle cell disease often means providing for your child as well as taking care of yourself, since it’s an inherited condition. However, your child may have different symptoms than you, such as incontinence. Learn how sickle cell disease and incontinence are connected and how to provide proper care.

What Is Sickle Cell Disease?

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How To Find Adaptive Clothing For Disabilities

If you care for someone with a mental or physical disability or struggle with a disability yourself, finding proper clothing might be a struggle. Clothes need to be functional, comfortable, and easy to put on and remove! That’s why it’s time to consider adaptive clothing for disabilities instead of traditional options.

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The Best Ways To Discreetly Carry Catheters

You’ve got places to go, from family reunions, outdoor events, and much more. So, don’t let the need to carry catheters stop you from going on your trip and having some fun. If you’re worried about traveling with catheters, take a moment to relax and refer to the following tips to learn how to discreetly carry your catheters anywhere!

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How to Create an Inclusive Halloween for Kids with Special Needs

Halloween for kids with special needs can be challenging. While it’s an incredibly popular holiday that schools and businesses participate in, children with mental or physical disabilities may feel excluded. They may have trouble finding a costume that fits with a mobility device or have anxiety about approaching neighbors for candy. But with a little extra holiday planning, you can help create a Halloween for everyone to enjoy.

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How to Receive Incontinence Supplies Through New Hampshire Medicaid

To be approved for incontinence supplies under New Hampshire Medicaid, the below is required: documented proof within the last six months that the items are considered medically necessary by a physician, the medical reason for needing supplies, and the estimated amount of supplies needed per day.

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