Aeroflow Healthcare

Aeroflow Is A Proud Special Olympics Sponsor 

As a durable medical equipment (DME) provider, Aeroflow maintains a high level of focus on providing patients with the highest quality of care possible, but we also wish to advocate for each of our patients and give back to the community every chance we get, which is why we are proud sponsors of the Special Olympics.

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Find the Best Incontinence Supplies for Your Needs

When a loved one is diagnosed with incontinence it’s important to make sure they’re matched with the proper incontinence supplies to keep them clean and dry. Choosing the right items may seem a little overwhelming, but these products will enhance your loved one’s quality of life by providing protection and security. Plus, you may qualify to have these items covered by insurance!

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How To Insert a Catheter as a Woman

A common fear most people experience after a bladder dysfunction diagnosis is will I be able to cath myself? Fortunately, we have an expert is who is willing to share her experience learning to use a catheter.  Trudy Triumph is a blog from JoAnne Lake sharing her knowledge and support about neurogenic bladder and bowel. Her goal is to enable other women to release embarrassment and reclaim their lives.

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